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All my three ideas are based on stuff that I've been through in my school times, between the 5th grade and the 8th grade. I just grabbed some of these stories and added some "imagination".

(Please excuse my poor english. I'm brazilian by the way, just as Leo)

1st idea:

This one episode, when I was required to attend detention after school and I really needed to get out of there in order to rehearse with my crappy rock band. I didn't know what I should do, so I thought about jumping the school's wall. I stood up there, it was pretty high for a 5th grader and I was quite scared. Every kid behind me screamed "Jump! Jump! Jump!", while the school inspector said "Guy, get down from there right down!" so I just closed my eyes, said "Fuck it" to myself and jumped.

As if, right? No, I didn't jump, I just wish I had done that. I just climbed down the wall, sat next to the school's exit door and waited for the perfect moment to sneak out. When the school inspectors realized I was sneaking out, they shouted my name and I just ran like hell and managed to get outta there.

2nd idea (the only 'not-so-veridical' story):

This other episode, when I was playing soccer with my friends at the school sports court and, all of a sudden, the older kids appeared, closed the court's door and decided to start playing a game named "Porradobol" (it can be translated to something like "Violenceball"). I just thought "Oh shit, I'm screwed...".

I tried to stay far away from the ball as much as I could and not look like a total wuss, as the older kids just kicked it violently towards anyone in sight. After lots and lots of dodging and running and hoping that it would soon end, the Physical Education teacher arrived and put an end to the whole mess. As I walked out of the court along with the older kids and my friends, I just heard a random voice saying "Hey, I didn't see that kid getting hit!" and so I thought "OH SH--" BAM! I get slammed on the back by a stupidly fast ball. As I twisted myself in pain on the ground, one of the older kids said "Yeah, problem solved!".

3rd idea:

One time I was skateboarding at my street with my brother. Suddenly, this older kid came up to us and said "Yo, what about we skate down the hill on next street?" and I said "No way dude, it's too dangerous", so my brother said "Oh c'mon Guy, it's gonna be fun, nothing bad can really happen, it ain't that dangerous".

So there we went, and I just couldn't stop thinking about what could happen. I was pretty sure that I would leave that place with my arm broken. We went down the hill (well, it wasn't actually a hill, it was more of a "slope street") and, when I reached the bottom, I just yelled "Yeah, that was awesome! Let's do it again!".

And then I broke my arm, when one of my wheels got stuck in a tiny little hole.


I think the 1st idea is a little confusing, I don't think there's much appeal in there. The 2nd and 3rd ideas are more interesting, action-filled and dynamic, showing lots of emotion from the main character (me).

I think I'll pick the 2nd idea, for the fact that the 3rd idea is kind of predictable, kind of cliché, and the 2nd one seems more laughable, more interesting and cartoonish.



I believe that I must look for the following items in my references: school sports courts (the way they are here in Brazil) and people being hit by balls.

I think that dodgeball is probably the most similar game to violenceball, for in both games your objective is to hit other people with a ball, so I also gathered some dodgeball images, especially from the South Park dodgeball episode and from the Dexter's Lab episode with the same theme.

I also did the top-view drawing of the place where the story will occur.

First sketches



I'm terrible with this "thumbnailing" thing. Normally, I'll just draw the panels the way they'll look on the big screen, but I've decide to give it a shot now. It took quite some time to be finished...


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