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Vinyl Expressionz

"Step into your Expression!"

The Journey

         Vinyl Expressionz developed in the year of 2011. My vision was too handmake jewelry solely from 45 vinyl records, and that's exactly what I was able to do. The signature jewelry piece for Vinyl Expressionz are the half cut 45 Vinyl Record earrings. As my craft has grown throughout the years I have been able to create jewelry using different materials, but still being able to incorporate Viny Record scrapes within every creation.

The Name (Vinyl Expressionz)


  • Vinyl is the primary material that I incorporate into most jewelry pieces. Vinyl can be looked at as the most important material to the brand.


  • The part of the name derives from self- expression, being able to express yourself is very important in todays society because their are so many boxes that people can place you in. But Vinyl expressionz want to go against that notion and say be who you are! Express yourself through your style and don't change anything about your personal image. Everyone has a story to tell and Vinyl Expressionz wants to apart of that fashion story.

Current Collection

        The current collection is called "The Royal Collection". Every piece is handmade, using Vinyl record scrapes and also presenting beadwork into Inspiration for this collection is from the king and queens of ancient Egypt. If you pay attention to most of the jewelry pieces in this collection I incorporated turqoiuse and have painted gold on necklaces to add more of a bold look. From this collection i wanted to promote what it means to posses inner royalty, embracing the inner self viewing ones self as a king or queen.

The designer

  • As the designer I see myself as the Expressionist, because every creation that I handmake I consider it an extension of my imagination. 

                                                                   Vinyl Expressionz Logo

The Vinyl Collection (2011)

With this next collection I wanted to portray a cleaner look through the photographs and also the designs.

The Vinyl Collection (2013)



The Royal Collection (2013)

Necklace, Bracelet and Earrings

Necklace and bracelets


The Royal Collection was photographed in the historical Black Stone hotel in Chicago.

Social Networks:

  • Facebook: Vinyl Expressionz
  • Twitter: vexpressionz
  • Instagram: vinyl_expressionz

I love what I am able to do, creating and sharing is the best things about possessing a creative mind!


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