Vinyl + Cocktails

Vinyl + Cocktails - student project

---------------------------------UPDATE (2.6.13) UI Milestone----------------------------------

                             Vinyl + Cocktails - image 1 - student project

This is what I have so far....yeah...I'm struggling :)

Trouble areas:

1) Want to add a drop down menu on the top half under "Artist | Drink" that would have the Artist/Band Name as the primary heading and the album name as a sub-heading.  The album name would be clickable and would take the user to the pairing.  The drink menu would just be the names of all the drinks in alphabetical order.

2) Underneath "Recent" on the bottom half I want an iTunes style album coverflow that allows the user to swipe/scroll through the album covers of our recent pairings.

3) Need icons for "Home" and "Blog" (want a record icon)

It seems that all of the above require creating custom tables/objects/icons etc. and I simply don't have the knowledge yet.  Googled all of the above and found partial answers, but just can't figure it out thus far.  Hopefully as we progress in class we'll cover some of this.  In the meantime if you know how I can add the above objects please let me know.




Background: This summer my friend Levi and I started a Tumblr blog called Vinyl + Cocktails where we pair good music with good cocktails.  Essentially, we sit and listen to vinyl records for hours at a time and think, "What drink would go well with this album?"  It's a lot of fun and the blog has been growing at a nice rate.  But, NOW we want an app!!!

Problem: Currently visitors to our blog must scroll through our 150+ pairings to see if their favorite album(s) has been paired.  We have a standard Tumblr search function, but it is finnicky and many users have reported issues with finding albums they know we've paired.  Thus, most people simply scroll through each page after page or use Google to search for specific shouldn't be this difficult.

Solution: The Vinyl + Cocktails app would give users a simple way to access our growing databse of pairings on the Vinyl + Cocktails blog (  At first I considered a simple search bar, but the problem is with only ~150 albums we have just a tiny fraction of all bands/artists.  Thus, people could quickly grow frustrated if their searches kept coming up empty.  Instead I think some sort of basic drop-down menu listing Band/Artist Name in alphabetical order with Album Name(s) as sub-bullets would be a better option.  We could even allow users to select pairings based on drinks as well.  Once selected users would be taken directly to the pairing post on our blog.  JOY!!!  

***See below for mockups & screenshot of a typical blog post.

-----3 IDEAS----- 

#1 - Artist Drop-Down Only

Vinyl + Cocktails - image 2 - student project

# 2 Artist Drop-Down + Recent Pairings

Vinyl + Cocktails - image 3 - student project

#3 - Artist/Drink Drop-Down + Recent Pairings

Vinyl + Cocktails - image 4 - student project

Below is an example of what a typical post looks like on an iPhone - this is what the user would navigate to after selecting a pairing via the app - the screen cuts of the "Notes" and "purchase vinyl" sections which must be scrolled to in order to read:

Vinyl + Cocktails - image 5 - student project