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Vinyasa Calligraphy

I titled the project "vinyasa" because I'm finding that my results are much better -- more "flow" --  if I pay attention to my breath while I'm working . . . inhale on upstrokes, exhale on downstrokes. 

I did some calligraphy as a teenager, with a traditional chisel-tip pen. I'm really loving the flexibility of the the G-nib. 

I decided I wanted to make my lettering upright, with short connectors. I found that I liked my results better if I place a grid under the paper, just to make sure my x-heights, baselines, ascenders and descenders line up. 

For no particular reason at all, I decided I liked to eliminate the upstroke on the ascenders, but keep it on most of the descenders. This formula would vary in context, of course.

Here's where I am with the lower case letters . . . Would love to from my fellow classmates about what you think so far!




Experimenting with connector lengths  . . . 

Playing around with the capital letters. Not a great picture, just snapped it with the camera, and the light is getting too low to do that . . .


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