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Paola Arango

Graphic designer



Vintage tea party/ Triangular Paradise

First i'm completely in love with patterns so when this class came up to me i was  so excited.

So i start thinking what should i made my pattern? the i realize that a have a seriously thing for 

vitange stuff, it has so much history and tell you stories, personalities, tell you a specific time.

Vintage Tea Party, where all the gossip is! 

Mood board

This is my pattern with all you need to have a crazy tea party.

I try some colors.

This was so much fun i learn so much i gonna continue doing it because is something i love!

Thank you so much Elizabeth!

So i took the time to do another pattern beacause why not!!!

Triangular Paradise

A particular pattern made with my favorite geometric shape.With the colours creates  a three-dimensional composition, the size generates various levels helping the flow.


The final pattern just the outline

Here's the final design

The Pattern Block

Design application


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