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Vintage re-brand for ME! bath

For this project, I decided to do a rebrand of an existing project. I chose this brand of bath bombs because I had just purchased some from Target and the packaging doesn't wow me. It's modern and simple, and I thought it would be fun and challenging to re-imagine it in the vintage hand-lettered style.


I created a mood board of vintage bath and cosmetics packaging. I chose images that had interesting fonts and elements. I noticed that there are some elements that are prevalent - circle motifs, highly decorative serif fonts, hatching, scrollwork, interesting arrangements of the letters. 


Here's my first pass practicing some letter forms and playing with different layouts. I decided to create a design for the "cucumber melon" scented bath bombs, so I also created some illustrations that could possibly go on the label. I like the idea of having the cucumber and melon in the vintage claw footed bathtub - I could possibly create illustrations for every scent with different elements in the same bath tub. For these sketches I used a ballpoint pen over light pencil layouts. I like using a ballpoint pen - it has nice dark lines but gives the same sketchy feeling of working with a pencil. ea3b1657undefined19c191fa

Yesterday I inked some of my favorite lettering and illustrations with a felt tip pen and vectorized them. I did a rough layout and color scheme in Illustrator. The next step is to create the other taglines and decorations for digitizing. I haven't settled completely on the text and arrangments for the the additional information yet, so the task for today is to create some options and see how they fit in the overall layout.



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