Vintage, contrast, sheer, and details

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I love the idea of vintage things and how they can become timeless looks, and this photo just conjures up another era.  I also love how the smoke, hair, and fur all go together.


I also love the entire Jason Wu spring collection, but this one was my favorite, and definitely something that I've been envisioning for a long time, with the sheer blue with sparkle detail.  It reminds me of the night sky :)

I always pay attention to the details in a shoot, and the contrast between the darks and lights is something that always catches my eye.  I also love the wild hair which adds a fun element to the photo.  Dancers are also something that I find really compelling because of their perfectly calculated body posing creating an interesting grace in their movements.

The bright floral prints from Dolce & Gabbana this season are also something that caught my eye and I've been somewhat obsessing over for awhile.  Finally Lana is basically my inspiration for life, and she shines in all media, but this was from one of my favorite shoots.  I love her old era feel.


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