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Vintage ads for a painting

Hello everyone!

I've been meaning to take up Illustrator again, after taking just one class in it way back when. It was not a very good class; very messy, ad-hoc, unfun and just generally put me off Illustrator. Brad's course really put it back into a positive light for me, although to be honest I never gave it a fair chance after that one class (I had to take it during a very hectic and busy schoolproject).


I'm currently working on a painting in Photoshop and to really drive home the period it takes place in (1940's/1950's), I wanted to put up some old posters which have been torn up a bit here and there due to weathering. I thought about copy/pasting some actual ads in and work them over in such a way that you wouldn't really recognize them anymore, but I then thought that creating the ads themselves would be a fun project on its own.

So ultimately this course for me is a good place where it all comes together. I've already finished recreating an ad (I can't seem to link to it, but do have a look here:, but that was working ahead of Brad's lessons and I haven't looked at the texturing and font lessons for example. I think the ad I've chosen will be a nice challenge to get back on course and finish the lessons.

Update 1 (19-10-2013):

Blocked in the major shapes and gave them some base colors; on to the next lessons!

Update 2 (20-10-2013):

Started to add some brush strokes and a bit of texture. Also tried my hand at duplicating the typography.

Update 3 (20-10-2013);

Finished up most of the brush work. What I did for most of the brush effects was block in the major shapes then add brush strokes around the edges. I also lowered the opacity of the brush to 30% - 40% in order to blend most of the strokes together where they overlap. Lots of things that could be tweaked and improved upon but for now I'm quite satisfied with it :).


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