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Vintage Whimsy: A Girl's Bedroom Makeover


                                  {Color inspiration for my daughter's room makeover}


A fun space for a young girl that will allow for creativity while still providing a functional, organized room.

My family and I have been in a small rental home for two years now and to say the least, decorating has been a challenge. Not only because we are not the owners of the home but also because the overall style of the home doesn't exactly fit my own personal style.

It's a 1960's rambler with low ceilings, orginal bath and kitchen, floors..the whole nine.

Now, when I say original we are not talking original with character. The floors are single planked, honey oak that have never been refinished since their original installation.

There have been a few updates with paint and trim additions but unfortunately, this is as far as the original owners were able to go before selling to our current landlords.

We actually don't have much time left in the home before moving into a permanent dwelling but in the meantime, I am dreaming of a room for my only daughter. (Quite frankly, she is too)

She is 8. Very creative. Has quite an eclectic style with such a mature yet quirky personality. She loves color but I must confess that I am a muted fiend and I wanted to put together a room that, even though I would probably never sleep in, complemented each of our personalities.

I don't have a TON of pictures to share of the floors, walls and space in general so hopefully my words will paint a temporary picture until I am able to upload photos.

The current space is almost a perfect square measuring about 40x40. Not a large space by any means but enough for me to work with and add our little princess's personality.

To cover the floors since there is no option to paint or stencil them (which I would love to do) I chose this rug:

I want to keep the room clean and simple while adding texture and thought that beginning with a neutral palette for the floor would be best. I believe it adds just the right amount of warmth to the floor without taking over the space. 


The current walls are a minty blue, green. Think 1970's hospital room. Got that picture? Yep. Needless to say, we are going neutral with the wall colors. Tossing ideas back and forth between light breeze, the last color shown below:

and this one:

Behind her tufted headboard we plan on installing a faux pallet wood wall built from reclaimed wood.

The headboard above is inspration. Instead of a natural wood trim, I would prefer white, a pop of coral/pink or even gold gilding with the same neutral linen fabric.

Since all the I have shown so far has been SO neutral, we will add pops of color with details around the room from this desk painted in a light coral. I absolutely love mixing old and new and have an affinity for vintage and antique furniture so I thought it would be absolutely perfect to add touches of that in the space. Inspired by this multifunctional piece that can serve as a desk and side table, we would paint this piece in the accent color of choice with a complementary interior contrasting color.

To accents of gold and bronze metallic spread throughout the space:

I love the bit of whimsy and vintage inspiration these pieces add to the space and know that she will just love all of them, espcially the cute rabbit ear alarm clock!

For texture, we will add layers to the bed with soft throws, ruffled skirts and more color in the way of accent pillows:

I wanted to keep the window trimming simple but I stil wanted a bit of personality. Keeping in mind that this room's personality is all about simple fun, I found these panels that I thought would fit the room perfectly. The pom-pom trim is a nod at the vintage side yet the neutral backdrop of these curtains keep the room fresh and you just can't beat black and white in any room. {just my opinion of course} And as you can see, the black and white accents in the room have become somewhat of a theme:

This is the light I chose for the ceiling:

Project 2:

Now I am hitting the rewind button since I believe I shared more than I needed in the first project. So, let's start fresh.


I love the mix of corals/pinks with creams and other neutral tones with metallic accents. This is the color inspiration for this room makeover.




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