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Laurisha Bardal

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Vintage Vancouver

To start: I am very excited about this project. I have wanted to do something Vancouver-related for quite sometime in order to explore the city in a new way.

I did the homework for the first assignment (is this to school-ish sounding? Doesn't matter). I pulled some things from the interweb and assembled the ones that I like best and can see really working for this project.

I'm not entirely sure how much I want to use a space-age or Jetsons aesthetic in this project. I am much more attracted to the idea of simplifying shapes, exploring quirkiness and applying a vintage look to convey a recognizeable and beautiful composition of the city.

All of that being said, this project has the possibility to go anywhere and I am not oppposed to it have a retro-futuristic edge.

I sketched out some basic shapes I saw in my research, including some patterns that I saw in fashion images (which are not included here). I think that the interesting landmarks of the city (i.e. BC Place, Science world and others) lend well to this project and I look forward to exploring those shapes further.

Please excuse the poor quality of these images and, for the fun of it, let's just say that my camera phone is a bit retro-futuristic!

I'll post my next steps soon! Thanks for reading and I LOVE to hear peoples thoughts, so don't be shy!


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