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Casey Saccomanno

Print and Fashion Designer



Vintage Ticketing Across the World

So I was so excited that this project fit with a idea I had a few weeks ago- I wanted to make a print of these amazing vintage travel tickets, carnival tickets, and food stamp tickets that I found on Pinterest. I wanted to hand draw my variation of them, check out my process below.

Inspiration Photo:


Hand Sketching:



I followed the half drop repeat technique because I wanted to make sure the print had a lot of movement, however it was really challenging to get the print to line up because one side was off by 1/16" (Does anyone have a good tutorial link for how to piece edges of prints to match perfectly?) I finally got it to match and be in a perfect repeat.... after 2 hours.....  


I liked the worn washed out colors of the ticket inspiration photo- I liked that it was colorful but not too bright, so I colored my print similar, see final print below,


Final use: I see this print being nice for accessories or the lining inside a bag see a example of a scarf option below. This Illustraton shows the scale I think is best suited for this garment :)


Thank you for the inspiring class Julia! I have been handdrawing prints for a few years but recently started learning how to put into repeat before scanning in to make a digital file, this was such great practice for me! :)


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