Vintage Style Butterfly Illustration

Vintage Style Butterfly Illustration - student project

Here is my vintage illustration. I learned a lot throughout this class by following through with Sandra’s techniques and recommended brushes. It was interesting to color with the layer in multiply mode - the colors blended more nicely. I struggled a bit with the candy brush because it looked quite smudgy in my illustration. And in the end I added a 2B Compressed brush texture which I really liked.

I used the 2B Compressed again for the shading of the background flowers because the peppermint shading looked smudgy to me. In Sandra’s illustration it looks good, but I didn’t like it in mine. 

Thank you Sandra for a great class.

BTW - this is the reference photo for the butterfly:

I didn't use any reference for the background image - just made generic flower and leaf and bud shapes. It took me a few tries to get the composition of the background image - it ended up being easier for me to make them all come from the same stem. Floral arrangements - something for me to practice and learn.

Vintage Style Butterfly Illustration - image 1 - student project