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Vintage Racing Bike Inspired Palettes

I decided to run with the idea of Bikebook having an "adventurous" identity that values timeless quality over mass production, and that got me thinking about vintage racing bikes.

People who use Bikebook will identify with the elegance and simplicity of a beautifuly made road bike. Vintage racing bikes speak to the users' quest for authentic experiences and classic design with a modern edge. I focused on colors from Eddy Merckx bicycles because they're beautiful bikes and I really like the color combinations on these frames.

I thought it would be a good idea to present a warmer palette and a cooler palette.

#1 Warm Palette



I was really attracted to this orange color. I like the sense of safety it conveys, and I think it would really pop in an urban environment. You don't see a lot of orange logos, but I think the complimentary colors will calm down the brightness of the orange on a web page.

#2 Cool Palette



This is a bit more "safe" with a blue logo. I think the blue and complimentary accent colors will convey trust and authenticity. These colors will also be very easy to work with on a web page.


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