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Vintage Print Ad from a Mid-Century Container Co.


As I was looking for a print ad on google, all the visually interesting ones happened to be under the Container Corporation of America (CCA). I'll admit I found it odd and impressive how this one company making containers could harvest such a diverse and wide range of ideas in their print ads.

I decided to look them up. Founded in 1926, they manufactured corrugated boxes and it turns out the chairman was a patron of graphic arts and design! That explains a lot! They commisioned Herbert Bayer, their design consultant and a member of the bauhaus movement, not only for print ads but also to create a World Geo-Graphic Atlas (distributed to universities for free--how cool is that?). They ran an ad campaign series from 1950-75 called "Great Ideas of Western Man" wherein quotes by prominent individuals in history were paired with modern artists and designers to illustrate. Artists like Rene Magritte and designers like Milton Glaser and Paul Rand participated in the series. Real groundbreaking work for its time! Click here to read some other really interesting tidbits on CCA's ad history!

Check out their range:






I decided to try reproducing this one:


Wish me luck!


Completed! Lincoln's head was tricky since the image I have isn't high-res. Tried the pen and blob tool and ended up sticking with pen for a cleaner, more straignforward look.

An issue I'm having is exporting. When I try to export my file, it comes out like this (highlight or click the image to see what I mean):


Did I do something wrong when exporting? Or is it my document setup?


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