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Debra Ireland

Finally acknowledging my creative side!



Vintage Print Ad - Illustrator Newbie

At first, I struggled with where to start. Which part of the image should go first? I started with the leg "on top". I tried to use shapes, and did for the heels, but couldn't really see any other places where it would work without a lot of manipulation. I used the Pen tool for everything else so far.

Next I drew the second female leg.

Next, the man's leg on the left.

Then the last leg and the background.

Next, I added the text and some texture to the background. I would like to also add some texture to the other elements, but I am having a really hard time with the clipping mask. I used layers to make my shapes, and it is proving diffcult to apply the clipping mask to all of them. I guess I have to do it one layer at a time.

I still have a few lessons to watch, so I'm not quite done yet.


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