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Vintage Poster "Elixir"

It took me awhile to come up with a product that I want to produce a label for, and since I am in the launching phase of my business and its mostly a blog, my product isn't tangible and I have a logo....long story short. I chose to go with a poster.

And I want to make it a "ha ha" poster for an elixir.... what type of elixir???????? I will come up with it soon. 

This is the inspiration I pulled because I love text and fonts, but I want to push my boundaries and do more pattern design and drawing. So if you have suggestions, feel free to let me know. This is my very first time doing something like this

I started sketching, I'm not great with pencil, so I used pen.

This will definitely chagne 20 more times. This is the outline of everthing, this week i will be more focused on the actual lettering and sketching out the fonts used.


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