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Karmun T.

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Vintage Picnic Recipes

I'm inspired by old-fashion family picnics/vintage picnic recipes/elaborate food presentation/realistic food based drawings (wayne thiebaud) 

Image Inspiration 6/19:

I've been finding it hard to set aside time to really get into this project unfortunately, but this is what I have so far!

Here's a small collection of items that I've found interesting and would like to encorporate elements of in my pattern.  I love the look of vintage picnic baskets and considered creating a pattern solely based on this idea.  However, printed on a fabric or wallpaper I'm afraid it might look a bit tedious or too busy.

My second idea was to literalize some tasty sounding vintage picnic  recipes which typically don't have images that accompany them in the recipe book.   I fear though that they won't scream "picnic".

I love the photorealistic look of some of the vintage ads of foods and spreads however for a repeat pattern, I'm drawn to more simplistic and iconic designs like maybe even vector based shapes and lines.  (e.g. children illustrations and posters from the 1950s)


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