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Vintage Pfaff Sewing Machine Poster

Progress from 2/18/14:

Life got in the way, so it's been a while since I've worked on this. Today I added type and played around with some textures.

I'm pretty close to being finished, but I'd love to know if anyone has any ideas about how to get that sort of "reflection" effect that's on the table.

It's also very...neat. I'm not sure how to antique it up a bit (I tried some textures, but...meh.)

Progress from 11/22/13:

I finished up the last of the basic shapes today. Now onward to shading and textures and all that jazz. Need to take the next class since I don't know how to do any of those things! 

I also don't know what to do with the words at the bottom. I'll tackle those later. Maybe one of the lessons will have suggestions.

Honestly, I'm SHOCKED that I could recreate this as well as I did. *pats self on back*

Progress from 11/20/13:

Took the first few lessons and I already learned SO MUCH. The pen tool! I understand! Not evil! Easier than expected! Lots of exclamation points to show excitement! !!!

Here is what I did this evening. Wasn't sure the best way to go about doing the line-heavy base of the sewing machine, so I drew a bunch of lines, converted them to outlines, merged them, and then fussed with them using the pen tool. Is there are quicker way?

Original Ad:

I own my own sewing business, so I thought a vintage sewing machine poster would be fun to tackle.

I have some general Illustrator knowledge, but there are pieces of it that elude me (I'm talking to you, pen tool). I started taking the Digital Illustration class that Brad teaches, but I found I just don't have enough knowledge (again, pen tool). Mostly I just want to learn the pen tool. ;-)


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