Vintage Motorcycle Builders

Vintage Motorcycle Builders - student project

Vintage Motorcycle Builders - image 1 - student project








This is the final update on some new stuff 4-26



Vintage Motorcycle Builders - image 2 - student projectVintage Motorcycle Builders - image 3 - student project


Today i did my first drawing, i can't draw...Plus I cant use Illustrator either, it certainly isnt like photoshop, but i really want to learn as you can do the raddest stuff with letters, in photoshop i can only use the warp tool, i want to go crazy and have always wanted to learn AI Here is my first idea...done while with my family at pizzira uno!


I watched some more of the teacher, he really is well rounded and very well expalined, I am going to watch theses videos over and over. anyway, here it is and i am gonna force myself to use illustrator, gasp, is gonna take some getting use too, Photoshop i got right away, but i have had illustrator and cant never get the bottons to do what i want.



I have decided today that it will be a made up company




Steel shoes and Iron Horses


now i will try to look for a cool font....I found this place called and they have a cool looking handmade font..I might get it called "handshop type"

OK, here is my first layout, i will change some wording to fit and try to draw somehow some Indian style swashes, But i think this is what i will start off with, I bought the "Handshop font" from font cafe this morning, I Like it!


I also made the small o's and the line on the bottom, that was not part of the font.


I will work on the Iron horese too, i don't like the I it looks chinese or something not right, but it is a font called boomerage and looks handdrawn...i might swap it out, but i like the big font.

Vintage Motorcycle Builders - image 4 - student project

OK, now know i dont like the boomarge font, I see it more clearly now and want a kinda industrial look, not to hand done but period correct feeling.


Vintage Motorcycle Builders - image 5 - student project

 maybe I will change the "and' it looks kinda predictable and not so good, I can also swap  "made in detroit' and est 1932 with each outher and see what that does...I still am not sure if this is the final font choice.

Trying my hand at altering type and things, i think its a bit corny! But will post it to see my progress.


Vintage Motorcycle Builders - image 6 - student project

 Stars and Bars!!!!


Vintage Motorcycle Builders - image 7 - student project

OK, I wanted to look around for photos for  inspiration  for my "made up" brand , so i found this photo of an old Indian Motorcycle shop, i used Photoshop to add my made up buisness name to give my whole project a some realness!


I think it looks prety real! I even did the windows!  


Vintage Motorcycle Builders - image 8 - student project


Ok, Back to my project, I am happy with it now ( kinda) the only thing is I spent about 2 hours trying to get that bottom part right, ITs hard to bend pipe in Illustrartor, there has got to be some easier way!


well this is it???  I will try to refine it more, and then I think I will distrest it and make it look old and put it on Canvas or something..... I will research how to do that in Illustraor as i dont want to use photoshop as my "crutch" .


 I see the next class is the subject of adding texture, i want to learn that is my favorite part!

 so I will wait and see whats next! This is fun!



Vintage Motorcycle Builders - image 9 - student project


whelp, I worked some more on the bottom pipe and got the ends much better, I also enrolled in another skillshare class about T shirt design just for fun, Last night while I was looking thru there links I saw a webiste that had mockup T shirts and was wondering what my logo i did for this class would look like???

(the website was (

so I bought the download file , anyway after adding my logo to the shirt I suddenly relized I was done! 


I have learned a vauble lesson in my bussiness over the last 20 years ( I am a profesional car painter)  

and that lesson is, not to over do things!...( they have a saying , quit while your ahead)..It's perfect just as is, and I would totally were this shirt if it was real!


thanks for all I really enjoyed this class and will be watching all of your progress, I sure learned alot and had alot of fun! The teacher is stand up cool and super talented, I watched the videos over and over, as he has a gold mine of tricks unfold in front of you, I want to absorb them all!

thanks again and here below is my final project.


Please, leave comments, I am always looking to improve, and lastly, I guess the reson why I took this journey , other than to learn how to use Illustrator, was also to help me define what is my style?


I think its this,

I like period correct looking type, vintage looking and beliveable, I dont like cartoony, or vintage "styled" things, nothing wrong with it...but I like to view type art that fools me into beliving" is it old?" ...  that's where my eye wants to go, as well as my learning, I want to belive its real.


..... anyways enough babble and bad spelling, onward and upwards and you can always find me at 


face book (  JJ Rango)



Vintage Motorcycle Builders - image 10 - student project