Vintage Makeover: Turn Public Domain Images into Modern Designs with Illustrator

Hi, My name is Lindi, I am a surface pattern designer from the South East region of the United States. I will be teaching you a drawing exercise I like to use whenever I feel stuck on how to begin a new pattern or illustration. 

In this course we will be sourcing copy right free imagery to use as an underdrawing in Adobe Illustrator. We will be looking at some of my favorite resources for public domain materials and how to use those materials as inspiration for drawing in Illustrator.

This course has something for people looking for a new way to draw, people looking for a way to get started drawing or those new to drawing, using illustrator as your tool. 

There are two projects for this class, first to find and share the public domain image you will be working with and second to create your own design and share it with us. 

The class is not yet complete, but I look forward to sharing it with you soon!

The Class Outline:

Lindi Kistler
Illustrator and Surface Designer