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Vintage Jewellary Box: How to Make Look of Forged Metal Jewellary Box with Aluminum Foil

Jewelry boxes were once like treasure chests for the royalty, priests, and aristocrats who could afford to own valuables worth being stowed away. But as fine jewelry became more affordable during the Industrial Revolution, jewelry boxes, too, were mass-produced for the middle class. There were small boxes made for single rings, larger boxes meant for multiple pieces of varying sizes, and boxes designed for jewelry as well as accessories such as gloves. Some had myriad compartments, drawers, trays, and velvet slots for rings. Others contained mirrors, clocks, or mechanical music-makers. And while many were sealed with a lock and key, some boxes were puzzles whose solution revealed the jewels inside.

Here is the vintage jewellery box that you can create just by using foil paper. It is very easy to follow and make.

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How does your vintage jewellery box look like? Just post it and let everyone appreciate.

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