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Nicolle Rodriguez

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Vintage Italian Advert

I began my search for a vintage advert featuring a unicorn. My search didn't go well haha. So I shifted gears to vintage horse adverts and I saw this one for Florio and Cinzano. I liked the cool zebra patterns and the over all color pallette. 

here is the original ad: 

The first thing I did was block out the main shapes. I used the pen tool on the zebra shapes and the bottles. For the yellow shape I used the brush tool. 

Then I began searching for the correct font. I cut out the copy from the original image, turned it black and white and sharpened it. I submitted it to a font finding engine,

The font came up with a few different matches but I found Aktiv Grotesk Std on typekit so I went with that. The font didn't match exactly as you can see here: 

So I turned the font to outlines and edited the major parts of the lettering to better match. I also began painting in the zebra stripes with the brush tool. This is where I am currently on the project: 

my next steps will be to color match the red zebra and paint in the stripes. Then I want to experiment with meshes on the bottles.  

to be continued! 


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