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Vintage Inspired Christmas Cards (for small business)

I am colllaboring on a series of projects for vintage inspired holiday cards for a small business in Irvine California named Atomic Ballroom. Atomic Ballroom's branding is inspired by 1950's family culture and modernism. Their slogan is "for the whole nucleur family." This series of cards will include a birthday card, a general greeting card and a Christmas card. However this project will show the process and progress of the Christmas card.

My partner and I took a lot of inspiration from the video presentation by Linday Eliasen and from 1950's culture. We imagined that people in the 50's had invisioned a future much like that of the jetsons where cars could fly and cities floated above the clouds. Man could easily strap on a jetpack and reach heights that could only have previously been imagined. In our storyline, Santa Clause is celebrating the holidays in rhythmic fashion with his lovely wife Mrs. Clause and they, ofcourse, are dancing it up at Atomic Ballroom. The twist is that Atomic Ballroom has taken to the skies, a place that Santa is very familiar with. The Clauses put on their aluminum space suits and their jet packs and proceed to waltz, foxtrot, and lindy hop into the stratosphere. They can still see and breathe with the use of their protective dome helmets and enjoy the music played by their reindeer DJ's who take their work very seriously. It is a playful narrative designed to bring a smile to Atomic Customers and to build holiday cheer. This project is done a very tight budget and timeline so we conducting a single brain  dump/storming session and only a few sketching iterations. The illustrator's name is Natalia Eristavi. I'll be assisting her as the Graphic Designer. The project is paid but we are mainly doing it for fun. :)


  • The Jetsons
  • Linda Eliasen
  • Frank Chimero
  • 50's illustrations
  • Digital Illustrations


Digitizing: 1st Iteration:

While I'm not finished tracing the image it's going pretty well so far. I've taken some fonts from and everything seems to be developing nicely.I've had to scale Santa and the Mrs. up a bit so that they remain the focal point. Secondary Elements are ofcourse the Reindeer DJ booth and the Atomic Ballroom below (which I haven't gotten to yet). Although we've started with a grayscale comp, I had to hold some blue in place for the back ground right in order to see how the value shifts hold up on the right background. I have further tested this with a litlte bit of color, borrowing from Linda's color palette which will be expanded upon as we move to future iterations. 

Midway through this 1st iteration I noticed that the buildings left a lot of room for expansion and we will hopefully have that resolved by the next iteration.

Here is the City underneath. That is coming up soon.

2nd Iteration:

I believe the second iteration has been very successful. We've got our miniature city underneath with the ATomic Ballroom at the Center and a new concept has emerged, one that we had thought of and has recently come to life, as the notion of a snowglobe. The lighting and the color seems to work a bit better adn the stars with the white bottom and the dark top seem give it more debth. Further the the spot lights reinforce that debth and pull the eye downward towards the atomic ballroom where the party is. We still a little ways to go before we can say we are finish but I think we have a few things solidified. 


3rd Iteration:

This may be it. We made a few final touches and things are looking pretty close to how we originally planned. I will meet with my partner tomorrow and look over the test prints. 

Final Result:

Thanks for the comments everyone. This is the final result of the project. We had a lot of fun. If I had to say how we could have pushed it a bit further, I would say we might have been able to make the gestures a bit more dynamic. We didn't go for the illustration style that most people did from this project but rather used our own style with vintage inspired content. Please let me know if you guys have any more comments about maybe the message on the inside.


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