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Melissa Archer

Graphic Designer & Illustrator



Vintage Holiday Postcard

Hi Everyone!

For my project I decided to create a playful vintage style postcard that I could actually send out to my clients. Just something to say "Happy Holidays" and "Thanks!" I wanted to create a friendly, warm greeting that would get people excited about recieving mail. People love getting mail :)

Here are my initial concept development notes: 

I sourced things from Pinterest and Flickr mostly, but I also found some great inspiration in older issues of Uppercase Magazine.

Here are my various inspirational gatherings:

After reviewing my inspiration boards, I started to thumbnail out some simple ideas. I started to come up with some different layout possibilities, type styles, and different border and decorative elements.

Here are the thumbnails:

After I decided on the specific details that I really liked, I put together four sketches that I could see being the final layout. Here are my sketches:

At this point I was happiest with the two sketches on the left. My favourite was the top left, but I liked some of the elements from the bottom left too. I wanted to incorporate the birds (I love birds) and the more stylized banner. After Combining the two and refining the sketch this was my final ink version:

I just created the one colour palette. After playing around with these colours, I felt that it reflected well on what I wanted to achieve. I changed up the birds from my original drawing, because I felt they should be simplified a bit. I ended up cleaning up the vector a bit in illustrator. Finally, I added some nice subtle textures to give a vintage worn look. Here is the final: 

Here is my final piece photographed with the back of the postcard as well. I'm happy with how it turned out :) I think it really captures what I was going for!

Thank you for checking out my work! Any feedback is greatly appreciated! :D


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