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Vintage High Tea, Rockpool, Neptune's Garden - 3 Focal Print Workshop with Bonnie Christine

Updated -  Revised Version 2 for Vintage High Tea

After feedback from Bonnie I have updated my project with a new focal point version for the Vintage High Tea theme.

I have been trying to "hide the repeat" as suggested by Bonnie, and have recoloured the pattern. I don't think it is entirely successful in hiding the repeat but it works better than the first version. Thanks to Bonnie for sharing her knowledge, I still have so much to learn.

For clarity I have moved all my previous workshop process/ progress  thoughts to the end of the project.

Theme 1: “Vintage High Tea”


Lace, Frilly, fine china, florals, Cupcakes, 1920s parlour, Sunday Best, sweet, dainty, special occasion, precious, heirloom, party, fancy, teapots, tiered cake stands, hat & gloves, icing, lavender & roses.


Lace tablecloths and the families' best heirloom china, a bud vase with the prettiest blooms cut fresh from the garden all proudly displayed on a sunny afternoon in the 1920s. Ladies arrive in their 'Sunday best", complete with Hat & Gloves. They are greeted with the sweetest of treats, iced cupcakes, teacake served from a cut glass cake stand and a steaming hot pot of freshly brewed tea. The ultimate ladies occasion.





Motif Development Stage:


Final Repeating Focal Print


Version 1


Theme 2: “ Rockpool”


Driftwood, sheltered bay, tidal pools, low-tide, waterbirds, rocky shore, shellfish, water reflections, serene, beach-combing, tranquil, foreshore, pebbles, fishing boats, ripples, reeds, sunrise, mountain surrounds, sea shells, sand, misty morning, nature, graceful, bird calls.


This collection is inspired by a beautiful secluded spot in Tasmania called Desolation Bay, a sheltered bay with low tidal pools, cradled by mountain hilltops and trees. For this collection I recall misty morning walks along the rocky foreshore at sunrise, stepping over driftwood and contemplating the tranquil surrounds; the calls of waterbirds, and nature reflected in the water of the bay. 





Phase 2 - Motif Development:


Final Repeating Focal Print


Theme 3 - Neptune's Garden


Childhood Storybooks, fun, underwater, mysterious, swishy fishtails, prancing, dancing, flowing, iridescent, sparkly, fish scales, rainbows, magical, positive, hope, rainbows, sunlit, playful, exploring.




The salty ocean is a fantastical realm, filled with creatures imaginary and real, mermaids riding horned sea-horses, their tales flash and swish in the briney water. Sea conches are trumpet like horns calling all to a special and majestic underwater gala for the crowning of a new King & Queen of the sea. 

Phase 1 Sketches:



Phase 2 Motif Development:


Final Repeating Focal Print


Workshop Thoughts &  updates:

Update Five

 I had so much fun pushing myself on this workshop, I had made around 15 patterns prior to this so I am really happy with the results and feel like these prints are much more "me" in style. Every pattern I make I feel like I get a better grasp of how to get the design flow working well and now that these focal prints are created, I can't wait to start creating collections from these themes. 

Update 4 - Final Motif's 

  • I  have finally finished my motifs for all 3 themes and updated the Rockpool motifs below
  • This third lot of motifs are much simpler and abstract. I actually like that feel and hope they will work well in the pattern repeat. I like the difference from the other 2 themes motifs which were quite illustrative and took a lot more work to refine.

Update 3 - Still Developing Motifs

  • Finished my  Neptunes Garden Motif's - Color pallete not sure of  yet, and some motif's have outlines not certain that will work mixing some silhouettes and outlines. We shall see once I start playing with repeats.
  • Still got to do Rockpool motifs - eek :) 

Update 2 -  Developing Motifs in Illustrator

  • I have moved into illustrator to develop each theme's motif's,  the Vintage High Tea motif's are shown below - not sure if I will use all in the final pattern & the color palette is not yet final.
  • I have added some extra sketches for Theme 3 which I have renamed Neptune's Garden as this is more in line with how the motif's are developing.  I am not quite ready to upload the motif's for the other 2 themes as yet hopefully tomorrow :)

Update 1 - Sketching & Brainstorming

  • updated sketches for Rockpool  much happier with these second lot - I have realised I am not great at drawing birds or boats. So I took a step back and thought about what I was trying to say with Rockpool. I realised I was focusing too much on trying to copy the motifs from my photos.
  • What I wanted was to convey the emotion of walking along the beach, seeing the reflections, the rocks, the misty sky. The motifs I am starting to develop now are a lot more abstract and fluid. I think it is a much better start.

Initial thoughts :

I thought it would be hard to come up with theme's for Bonnie's 3 focal print workshop, but I actually had to put some ideas back into the idea basement (which is good as I can pull them out to work on later!).

I love Bonnie's suggestion to use our own photography where possible, I think this is somewhere I go wrong sometimes - using inspiration sources in my moodboards which I find myself pulling away from as it feels like copying someone else's idea when it comes to creating motifs.



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