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Vintage Grundig TV Ad

Hello!  I'm very excited to be taking this course!  My name is Reggie and I chose this cool Swedish ad to reproduce.  Here is the original ad:

So far, I have been working on getting the basic shapes and structure down.  I'm self taught when it comes to using Illustrator and I am quickly learning that I have been very inefficient when using the program.  I am so glad to have learned how to use shapes and the pathfinder tool correctly to build.  I'm pretty sure I really decreased my production time significantly.  I don't know why I never actively tried to learn the hot keys but I am really glad now that I have learned some now.  I was really excited about the align tool.  It is definitely something I will use a lot.  This project has been very fun so far and I can't wait to get into the next videos.  Here is my project with the basic form built:  

So here is my final version! 

This was a very fun project!  I will probably start the Colors and Patterns class some time soon here after I play around with these new illustrator tools some more.  

So one problem I ran into was with clipping masks.  In the video, Brad shows you how to apply the clipping mask to one shape.  I don't know if this is good practice, but I made a new layer for each object on the page just to separate and organize things a little.  Anyways, the "Grundig" title is made of multiple shapes.  The red background is one object.  I couldn't find the font used in the title, so I used to pen tool to recreate the letters; those were individual objects too.  My first experimental solution was to Group the background and the type.  When you do this, you will have problems adding the clipping mask.  I guess what you are supposed to do in this situation is make a compound path.  

Another little problem was that when I exported my final project to .jpg, the file initially saves with a huge white area around the artwork.  I went into photoshop and just cropped it off.  I'll look into it a little more later to see if there is a way to avoid that step.


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