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Chan Htin

"To inspire, and be inspired"



Vintage Future Inspired Yangon City

Process 1: Inspiration Hunting (10-15 mins)

Since I know I want to design for Yangon City, I use Google, and Pinterest to do some research about it. What are the city's landmarks? Which building is the most attracting to me, and so on? From research, I collect inspirations for my next step.  (See inspirations image below)


Process 2: Warm up (15 mins)

I start sketching anything that comes into my mind. I draw plants, flying vehicles, building shapes. This step is when I could be most creative. I try not to worry too much about what I like or dislike. I just have my research ideas next to me, and sketch. (See Sketches Image Below) 

Process 3: Composition (15 mins)

After the warm up, I work on the composition thumbnails. I draw small sketches to figure out the placement of the design. I even watch composition lesson from youtube. 

I recommend anyone who has trouble working on their compositions to watch this video. This is by far the best video for composition topic. I sound like I'm advertising for him, but I swear I don't know him at all. haha

Anyway, I got kind of bored of sketching at some point. So I grabbed my color pencils and did a little coloring here and there. 


Process 4: Digitizing and Making Choices (3 hrs) 

I spend a good amount of time digitizing and finalizing my design. For me, it is always a challenge making design decisions. I like the designs that are effortlessly creative and beautiful. I wanted my design to look simple, yet sophisticated.  

Yangon city from Myanmar(aka Burma) is where my heart is since I grew up there. Our people are warm and hospitable, and our country is rich in culture. Thus, I decided to include the iconic Karaweik Hotel as a focal piece and have some plants to represent the hearts of our people. I imagine we would be traveling underwater in the future.  For colors, I picked these warm and friendly color which best describe the kindness of Burmese people.  


Final Thoughts

I hope you like it. I would love to hear what you think of this. This is my first skillshare project, and I really love working on this project. Thanks, Linda for your class. You rock!! 


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