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Vintage Furniture Design "Flip"

Here is the original design that I found on Pinterest. It took me while to find! I wanted something similar to the class example so I could practice the color blending, but with a furniture theme. I'm learning how to restore furniture soon so I thought it'd be fun to restore a furniture ad. Anyway, it was harder to find than I thought.


Here is my replication:


I outlined the shapes with the pen tool and changed the colors with the color picker, that was the easy part. The hard part was finding furniture "png" pictures to match the original. I used the color overlay to change the hue and saturation as best I could to resemble the original.

The hardest part though, was figuring out how to make the wood grain base. I found a pattern and used a layer mask to change my shape into it. Then, I had to use the perspective tool to change the pattern from a 2D flat image to a 3Dish ground level. Finally, I used the color overlay to match the base as close as I could to its original color.

Everything else was just text (which I tried to translate from the Dutch) and a pattern overlay for texture.


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