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Vintage Fashion Poster

Just gone through the first three videos in lesson one and I am really liking it so far. I can already tell Brad is a much better tutor than those from my uni :p always gets straight to the point and very informative.

 After the first lesson, I have picked this vintage print which is simple enough for me to start with but also has an interesting form/shape to it.

(Click Here) 

- Day 1 -
What I have done so far after watching all the videos in step 2.

The pen tool hates me! I got a little(very) frustrated trying to create smooth curves. Let's hope that will get better.

- Day 1 - Update

I actually have time to twitch it a little more this evening.

- Day 2 -

I made some patterns today!

I looked up how to make a fill pattern on google and it turns out to be super easy. Just make a pattern and then drag it to the swatches. BANG now you can fill your personalised pattern anywhere you want!

(Here is the link to the full tutorial.)

This... I was just playing around and trying differneces colours.

filled in the pattern, tried out the gradient effect, traced the logo type, retouched on the colour... and I am done! :)  


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