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Vintage Czechoslovakian Map Cover

Great to find a tutorial course on the basics of Illustrator. I've used Photoshop for many years, and since it worked out well for most of the things I did, I never really skipped to vector level. I've seen the advantages, but by using a proper resolution for the raster image I've managed to create what was needed. This is a good opportunity to force myself a bit further. :)

I chose this simple image from the cover of an old map from the 60's, from the time the Czech Republic and my home country, Slovakia were still one country. It features some sights in an abstract implementation. I admire these "Rocky and Bullwinkle" kind of graphics, where the irregularities of the surface are not a product of applying patterns during post-production, but an actual sign of the hand-drawn, manually cooked nature of the thing.

I also hope I do not cross any copyright issue by posting the original.

So here are the basic shapes, mostly done using the pen tool:

The linear elements - originally ink-drawn - form a separate layer. They were mostly produced using the Brush tool - I tried some of the options -, the Blob Brush tool, partially the Line tool and the Pen tool. I grouped the separate parts of the lines, expanded and united them using the Pathfinder panel (so they not linear anymore, but planar objects defined by their boundaries).  


This is how the cover looks like with (almost) matching colors and typography added. It seems like it only needs a more sophisticated finish. Mid-time conclusion: I see now Illustrator is not much difficult to understand after you've used Photoshop and several vector-based drafting programs for a while.

I have a hard time mixing the colors in a way the whole pic would look as the original. The blue and red shapes are kind of translucent (especially on dark background) as they were originally painted on a darker surface, I suppose, with a more transparent paint... It is quite hard to match the original ones. May this be because of the CMYK system? I feel kind of dumb about it, the answer may be easy...


I added a texture only to the grey background, making the shape a clipping mask. It may not be the same as the original, but makes kind of the same effect. It is however, a bit unconfortable for me to use these rasterized images in illustrator, but I suppose I will understand more as I practice more.

The scanned cover vs. the remake made in Illustrator (the colors somehow turned out different, it seems I could not get the same effect): 


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