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Vintage Cigarettes

For my project I found an image of a variety of vintage cigarette packages (though I don't advocate smoking) the designs have always looked appealing to me:

Vintage Cigarettes

For my first attempt the Domino package really stood out to me, and also i think I like it more than any of the others. After about an hour+ of work getting to grips with illustrator and shapes, I have managed to come up with the general outline and defining features of the box (unfortunately I have no idea what the text at the top says). 

I think it's coming along nicely. Just about to make the image larger and add a background to make it more of an advert than a package. 


Moving on from that I decided to make it more of a spectacle that just a vector of the box, and also to try out that handy Duplicate feature! So I added a background with mini dominos and duplicated them to form a pattern, then duplicated the reflect just to mix it up a bit.

I also added some details to the box and I think I'm gonna leave this one here for now and move onto a different box/ad in the next part!



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