Olivia Torma

Designer, maker and curator of Mooshi Couture



Vintage Christian Dior cocktail dress "La Cigale, silk moire, fall/winter 1952-53.

I love vintage fashions dating back to the time of Christian Dior and the New Look that emerged in the late 1940's.

This Dior cocktail dress entitled La Cigale was designed for the fall of 1952-53. It is made in a silk moire and has an amazing three dimensional shape that reminds me of the panniered gowns of the 18th century.

The Met Museum describes the design as "cantilevered at the hipbone". Click on the image to see a colour photograph.


I've attempted to recreate this dress in watercolor twice now and I'm still not happy with the result, although my second attempt is better than my first.

I was more controlled with my strokes but didn't quite capture the moire pattern and the shadows in the skirt especially at the hip where the seam extends out from the front.

In my first attempt the wash is more fluid which I like but the shadows don't look right. More attempts are needed. 

First attempt.


Second attempt.




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