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Vintage Blooms

Day 1: Brainstorm & Choosing My Phrase

The first phrase that came to mind within seconds of starting the first video was 'bloom where you are planted'. I've moved 10+ times within the last 10 years and have mastered (or like to think I have) the art of adapting. I believe that the key to being happy is to seek out who and what makes you happy, no matter where you happen to be 'planted' 

I love anything vintage and while doing my research I fell in love with vintage seed packets. There was so much artistry to them. My feel for this assignment will be vintage flower and seed packet inspired lettering. 

Mood board:

Lettering Warm-Up part 1

The first photo is of my 5 different sketches: sans serif, curved, serif, script and shape. The second photo is my favorite of the five, which I will be encorporating into my final project. 


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