Vintage Birdcage | Skillshare Projects

Michelle Goggins

I love to sew, draw and make stuff!



Vintage Birdcage

This class was so much fun!  I'd have to say it was one of my favorites - although almost every class Helen teaches makes it into this classification! 

I was blown away by the power of distort & transform, and the blend tool.  I want to make more birdcages of every size and shape - and more birds as well. 

I created my own wallpaper pattern.  When I was adding in my new fill layer in the appearance panel, I made a mistake and added in a larger version of the same pattern.  I liked how it looked, so I left it there!  (And I did get in the correct fill layer after that.) 

An excellent class.  I'd recommend it to anyone wanting to have a fun time with Illustrator! 



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