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Vintage Bear

Hi everyone!

I decided to join 30-Day Logo Design Challenge, hope you guys too!

I thought a lot about the idea for my logo and finally I found it. I have a nice handmade bear that I sewed by myself by pattern from Internet. here he is:


I decided to make logo for someone who sewing bears, maybe me :) But I don't sew anymore for now :)

I love vintage bears very much and I love my red bear. So I thought my logo would be nice. 

I get something middle between animal logo and negative space logo.

I started with taking my own photos of poses that I would like to draw. I chose this one. Photo is poor but I just needed a form and for me it's OK.


I wanted to draw profile and I wanted his arm to overlap the body to make it with negative space.

Here some my attempts to get a right form:


I filled the last one with black marker to see how it will be looks like and I were pretty happy with result. So I brought it to Illustrator.

I redraw forms with Pen Tool and also put head below.


Then I use shapes to make right lines and redraw all.


I made some more improvements and here is my final result:



UPDATE 07.06.2015

Based on George Bokhua review I improved my logo to make negative space arm shorter. Also I worked a little bit more on other shapes. So here's my new version with black silhouette and a nice picture.




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