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Vintage Archetypes / Everyday Wins

Brainstorm and ideas

I have been exploring 2 themes, and am still not entirely sure which to go with. 

The first is "Everyday wins". The idea is a set of badges celebrating the everyday menial achievements that don't get the celebration they deserve. Its things like cleaning your apartment, cooking a great meal, or writing a long email to a friend overseas. 

The other idea is "Vintage Archetypes" a set of badges depicting late 1800s archetypes like: "The  Gentleman", "The hunter", "The Boxer", "The Butcher", "The Cowboy", "The Dancer", "The lady". 

Sketches 01: Initial Idea Exploration

Brainstorm 02: Diving Deeper

Sketches 01: Everyday Wins

Sketches 02: Vintage Archetypes 



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