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Vintage Alcohol Ad Poster

I have always loved vintage illustration ads and became very excited when I learned the details of this project.  I will set out to recreate this vintage poster by Marcello Dudovich for Martini & Rossi.  Dudovich is regarded as one of Italy's greatest poster artists and produced an incredible body of work.  I am inspired by the very graphic style of his imagery, and how he handled the relationship between color and form to create a strong visual impression.

I was hoping to be farther along at this point, but life seemed to always get in the way this past week.  Because the woman's form is strong, I chose to start with the outline and fill of her upper body.  I used the pen tool, blob brush tool, and rectagle tool.  I am pretty happy with how the project is coming along.  The details of the woman's face and costume are created through very subtle shading and tonal changes - this could get very tricky.

I finished up the text and am now working on sketching in the woman's face.  It is proving to be very difficult as subtle shading, shadown and light define her features.  I've tried a few different approaches, and it seems to work best by layering the tones in much like drawing while changing the opacity from time to time.  I'm afraid that my version of the poster will lack the texture of the original.

I decided to change the color hue from natural to a more white/gray.  Simulating the fabric was a challenge.  The subtle changes in tone making up the creases and folds of the dress were very hard to capture - I mainly relied on the blob brush tool.  I am pretty sure that had I more experience and knowledge of Illustrator I would have used different tools and effects to create texture.  Overall, I am happy with the way the poster came out for my first go at illustrator.  I look forward to becoming more comfortable and efficient with the program.


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