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Corey Cox

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Vintage Air France poster

Have a pretty basic understanding of Illustrator before coming into this, but really needing a lot of brush up work, and remembering of how to use all the tools!  Found this vintage Air France poster I thought was cool, and although not super challenging, thought it was a good place to start.

So far, just the basic shapes laid...hard determining the bottom part with the washed out sort of gradient texture on the colors.  Looking forward to start the finer details and text! Also made the outline a darker color to stand out from the white.

(slowly) adding more of what I think are basic shapes. Now on to watch more class videos

After what seemed like an infinty, finally got to working on this again. Feel so lazy, but here's a small update with the lettering, now I guess I'll try the gradients and see if I can get the correct colors to come out.

Finally put more work into this piece after a long hiatus.  The colors aren't exact as I had trouble with them dulling after applying the grain effect. Also just had trouble in general with the weird (but sexy) gradient changes throughout this poster with that grainy effect on top.  Not perfect, but I'm done for now as I did gain some good insight into working with illustrator again.

Thanks guys.


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