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Vintage Ad - Mexicana Airline

I chose this ad for its simlicity. I have a little bit of Illustrator knowledge and figured this would be challenging enough. 

I started with the outline of the plane. Wasnt sue what was the best way to do the shapes (do a general outline of plane then fill in other shapes... so I just did each colour seperately).

Then I used the elipses tool mostly to create the trees in the foreground of the city. I used the pen tool to do the mountains.

The buildings were tricky. I first tried using the rectangle and rounded rectangle tool for the buildings in white. Then I was going to add purple shapes on top for the shaddows. Once I got going I realised it was going to be too difficult so I created an outline of the city and duplicated it, one white, one purple and made them into different layers. I then made shapes on top of my white layer where the shaddows were and subtracted them so the purple layer would show through. 

Now i have some cleaning up to do and start working on the text.

So the text at the bottom was not legible so I got a bit lazy and skipped it all together. Here is my final piece I suppose. 


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