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Vintage: A Bar for Bookworms

Update: I've decided to change the name of this business to Vintage. I think it hits just the right spot. I'm working in another class on a proper logo, and will update here when the logo is ready. ______________________________________________

Hey there! My name is Julie, and my project is based on a ficticious company called Uncle Jack's, which is essentially a bar / bookstore. At the moment, the company is named after my own uncle, who inspired the idea, but I'd like to eventually change the name to be a little more snappy/sexy/catchy. I'm working on it. Mostly, I just needed a place to get started! I did a little mock logo which, again, I hope to refine later. 

For learning's sake, I decided to stick fairly closely to the class project. I think I'd like to add some more photos, and maybe try my hand at writing some copy for the site. I have lots of ideas for expansion of this idea. 

Any suggestions for round 1? Thanks!

Round 1: 


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