Vintage 60's Jean Patou Perfume Ad | Skillshare Projects

Nicola Hestnes

Graphic Design Student



Vintage 60's Jean Patou Perfume Ad

I am always inspired by what was produced in the past in the history of graphic design, especially in the 1950s to the 60s. I chose to reproduce an ad by the company Jean Patou for their perfume "Caline". I came into this course knowing illustrator but wanted to increase my skills, I am a graphic design student but I also knew the program from playing with it when I was in highschool.

In this ad, I also used the Gaussian Blur tool to create soft shadows and highlights on the model and the product below. I had to use my own eye for parts to figure out what looks right. I also chose Futura and tracked it out a bit at the bottom of the print ad.

Here is an example of some working progress, I also copied her face as you can see for colour refference. I had a lot of layers....



Example of ad before working


Final product

For the background I also used the paintbrush tool using a 'paint brush' brush and blurred it out. I am quite pleased with myself of this project, I gained new skills and practiced using the 'hot keys' as well. :)


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