Vine bottle and grenades(?)

Vine bottle and grenades(?) - student project

Hello Robert, first off; I am so happy to have found your classes. Your teachings are just what I was longing for! This is my first attempt, generally I tend to draw really defined edges (I am inclined to a comic illustration style).  But all the artists that I admire have a very loose and somewhat careless of the imperfections style...So it is as far as I could go in abstraction for my first try. I guess it's like yoga; if you are very stiff, you can't go all the way the very first time. The right side of the sketchbook was actually filled with other doodles, I was going to use only the left side but then it didn't work well. So I painted over the right side aswell. (The bowl part) sorry that the description is a bit long. I'll post more stuff as I go along, and definitly do most of your classes if not all. thank you again.