Villain and the Flamingo

Villain and the Flamingo - student project

I love prompts - I often find it hard to be inspired - so thank you! I suppose my tea cup is tiny compared to most because tea is not that important to me. But I love flamingoes and I've been dying to draw them lately. And I love Villanelle (from Killing Eve) because she is such a paradox. 1st step. Done.

Now color: the whole POINT of this workshop. Holy cannoli that was hard! I must have had 20 layers with just experimental color "balances" - my greatest challenge (in life) is making a decision. 

I knew I wanted to feel warm and sensual, but my first versions were just way too pink - like a birth canal full of pinks and reds! OY! but then when I threw in some complementary colors, they felt too incongruous - like they were there just to be contrary. THEN I remembered a key tip: Include neutrals to balance out your color theme/story. So after I made the background grey, it was a much faster go for me to find a better balance. 

Though I am sure I could have found more compelling color combos or better balance. I also struggle with everything either being too muted or way too saturated. 

Ah well - we are works in progress, are we not?

Here's what I'm satisfied with (for now)

Villain and the Flamingo - image 1 - student project