Villain? Or not?


Note: I used two of my favorite characters. I do not own them.



Izuku Midoriya stared at the tiled floor, his shoulders heaving. He wondered briefly . . . where was Todoroki? He vaguely recalled something bad happening. A scream, terror. But his mind felt fuzzy. Foggy. Like he had taken a drug. But he hadn't. Had he? His hand felt so heavy . . . like it could sink through the floor at any moment. His dark green eyes darted around, narrowing, then refocusing. He felt scared, a sense of dread creeping over him. The whole world seemed lost, far away . . . 

Was he crazy? Mad? Insane? All the same meaning, but perhaps on differing levels.

He licked his lips nervously, and his tongue caught a drop of something wet. Slightly salty, but sickening . . . why did it taste good?

Where was Todoroki? The question kept resurfacing. Nagging at him. But he didn't know . . . Wasn't Todoroki still in bed, sleeping?

His chest felt empty. Hollow. Like there should be something in there, but there wasn't. His heart ached. He wanted Todoroki . . . the half and half boy was always comforting. But where did he go? he wondered. 

Nothing seemed real to him. The world? An empty hollow sphere, a recreation of what it could have been. Red swam before his eyes, and he wanted to cry. Scream, cry, it was all the same, wasn't it? Sweat poured down his forehead, but he paid no attention, instead being captivated by the nightmares his fancy created for him. He had to find Todoroki. Echoes slammed around in his head, and Midoriya thought listlessly, Keep knocking. Nobody's here. Am I . . . sleepwalking?

His pants soaked, Midoriya rubbed the handle of the knife unsteadily, then turned his head to his left. His dread turned to terror in an instant. Oh. There was Todoroki. 


Natalia Laws
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