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Viking Stavanger home kit


I have landed on my design for the Viking Stavanger home kit. I have chosen a rather simple and unfussy design, with a tonal drawing of a Viking on the front of the shirt.

I have also designed a few details worth mentioning:

For the fabric under the arms I have chosen some rather original shapes for the small holes that will let air breathe through the shirt. The shapes are of course viking inspired, with one shape depicting a shield, the other being a sword:


These will of course be much smaller when it comes to placing them on the shirt, but I made them this large to illustrate them.

The second detail is more focused on football being a team game, and is not that specific to Viking as a club. In every sport a team mate will need a pat on the bac from time to time, if it is when winning or losing. I thought it would be nice to place a pictogram of a hand above the players' number, to encourage the members of the team to give each other pats on the back - and the supporters as well when they are wearing the shirt.


If this kit would go into commercial design, I would need a graphic designer to make the Viking head, the sword and shield illustrations and the hand. As it is now, all these images have been grabbed from the web as illustrations.

For marketing, I would of course go big on the Viking imagery, but most of all focus on the team thought . The back of the shirt would be central during marketing:


Hope you like the kit!


Here are some of the kits I have designed. I am a big fan of tonal design within a shirt, and here I have found a Viking head on the net and used it as a storytelling item on the front of the shirt - the story being that this is a team of Viking warriors.

The shorts will be all white for the dark blue first kit, all white for the white kit and dark blue for the orange kit.

I have also included second and third kits (white and orange) for variation.

I have also included a kit (number 6) with diagonal tonal stripes.









85288d4eI would like to design a new home kit for the soccer team of my home town - Viking FK of Stavanger, Norway.

My moodboard is a collection of some of the best Viking kits of the last 30 years, with my favourite being the dark blue one with a round neck from 1973 - player volleying the ball.

My biggest challenge is that this year's kit draws inspiration from the same kit. I don't want to create something that already has been designed, and one of my suggestions would be to find some viking imagery to incorporate in the fabric. The kit will of course be super tight fitting, and the viking imagery would be nice to show the player's strength. 

I would maybe like to focus on materials and more or less hidden details wihtin the shirt more than the actual design. Norwegian kits are so cluttered with sponsors that everything apart from a plain dark blue kit will look messy.

In a perfect world where there was no budget for R&D, I would like to try to find new materials for the shirt, I know for example that there is a Japanese type of polyester that lets no mosture through at all.

Hope this is good as a starting point.


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