Vigi, simplifying online shopping

Vigi, simplifying online shopping - student project

The kayak + pandora of online shopping. 

When Dave is looking for a ticket from LA to NY on the weekend of December 8th, he wants a service where he can compare all the options that are out there. When Dave wants to listen to music, he wants a service that will cater to his preferences and help him discover similar songs. 

When Dave wants to buy a tshirt, he needs to visit 10 different online stores to consider all his options. But wait, when he types "tshirt" in the search box at and he's bombarded with 3,000 different options to choose from. Unfortunately he's too busy looking fly to spend 5 hours sifting through all the "ironic" tshirts in search for the handful of items he's actually interested in .

Vigi is an online store that both expands and specializes the choices that Dave has. It allows him to browse and "thumbs up" all the items in his favorite stores from a single location. But instead of having to browse through all the options, he can first look through the spealized recommendation for him based on his preference and the preferences of other customers who have a similar taste in fashion.