Views of the City • Los Angeles

Hey guys I go by fvckinfluffy. Got the name after the movie Despicable Me 5 yrs ago "it's so fluffy i'm gonna die" & it just stuck. I started getting into photography about 6 months ago as a hobby. Worked on several projects through friends & really started to love it. I plan on turning this hobby into a profession one day. My project takes place in the heart of the city in Downtown Los Angeles. Enjoy 

1. Portrait - This shot was taken early in the morning outside of an apartment complex on 3rd St. I love this shot because its natural & shows that the character is minding his own business as he goes through his daily routine. 

2. Motion - This shot right here was challenging to capture. I had 2 candidates but decided to go with this one because it reminds me of something like a car advertisement. Also liked how the yellow stands out. 

3. Look Up - In this shot I like the reflection of the buildings. I was hoping there would be clouds in the sky to add more to the composition. 

4. Night - This night shot I was able to capture on my lunch break at work. It is one of my favorites because it shows part of the night life of the city with lit buildings, traffic & entertainment. 


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