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Views of Portugal

Hey everyone,

first thank you for the class, it helped me a lot to think about my work.

I think I am in second stage. I found the way I want to shoot - one camera, one lens, one film, keep it simple. Find and isolate strong compositions in everyday situations, often with geometric elements, negative space, static feel and mood, to tell a story of a place from a not so much seen perspective. I love the look and feel of bw film and although I bought a digital camera as well, film is where it's at for me. With digital, there is a kind of sterile perfection - every print you produce will be the same. With film, every shot and every print is naturally different and is one of a kind. (With that said, all of the photos here are negative scans. I have done silver gelatin prints before but since I travel a lot I don't have a place for darkroom. The ultimate goal is to print everything myself.)

I started working in projects, but usually I end up with not enough images to finish them since my projects are usually location based and I don't spend enough time in one place to get the body of work I would like, for example as in my Prague series. But now I am in Portugal for half a year and I plan to shoot at least a roll every week, hoping to have something to show afterwards. These are few shot from the first rolls.

I am still discovering what I need to shoot. I also need a lot of practice, and want to experiment with enviromental portraits, but I think I am already making work I want to be shooting. But the deeper idea or story behind my projects is not clear to me, except I want to document the places where I live from a different perspective and with my own vision. 










I welcome any critique, your opinions or advices about my work. Please let me know what you think about the sequence or individual images, if I should remove some and so on.

As for my next steps I want to take:

1, shoot. shoot a lot and then some more.

2, look at great photography. go to exhibitions, buy books, search internet

3, become a part of community. I know very few photographers

4, build a darkroom. be able to print my own work in the next year

Thanks for looking.


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