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Views Of My Nine

Instagram: currently.chris

Here are some of my favorite shots to date. I'm rather new to photography and most of these pictures were taken on the same day. It was the first chance I had to bring my camera to a city. I loved the results and hope you guys love them too!

I didnt want to bombard my Instagram followers with photos so you may notice most of these aren't on my Instagram yet. They will all make it up within the next few weeks. 

As I crossed the street I looked back and the first thing that caught my eye was this bus stop...needless to say I had to snap a picture.

Just when I thought I was done shooting/on my way back to my car I looked up and caught this man in a tunnel at the perfect time. He seems so mysterious.

Moments after I captured the above picture I got this one which is one of my favorites of the day.

Occationally i'll take some pictures of buildings although it's not my favorite subject matter. This one turned out better then I thought it would.

Just outside of the city was this old train bridge crossing the Hudson River...I really love this shot. 

The colors are really what draw me toward this picture.

I really loved how the tops of the three taller buildings form this straight diagonal line from top to bottom.

I'm not sure what it is about this one the keeps me coming back and admiring it.

This was a long exposure I took on my college campus. It's actually mirrored because I didnt like the look of the white lights of the cars coming toward the camera.


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