Viewing Flowers As Dots

For this project I selected various flowers from the market, choosing colors which I felt provided some harmony and some contrast. After bringing them home, I used watercolors to paint dots in a random order using the colors and sizes to represent the flowers.


I then used this painting as a guide to place the clipped flowers on a textured fabric.

Here is the original photo:


I also played around with editing this picture. Here are my two favorites:



My goal for this project was to compare the simplicity of the painted dots to the complex forms of the flowers. The flowers still provide an almost circular shape, but they have added shapes and colors and textures within that circle. I especially enjoy how much detail you can see in the final, heavily edited photo, which shows the intricacy of the flowers but also appears to be entirely made up of dots.

I hope you enjoyed this! Constructive criticism is welcome!


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